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Roommates Though financially living in an apartment provides lower bills, rent can still be an obstacle for cash strapped sims. To help with the weekly rent you can choose to move in a roommate. Roommates are non-controllable sims who will share the apartment with you. They are normal sims with normal routines, however they have the addition of a satisfaction meter.

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The lower this meter, the less likely they are to contribute to the rent and the more uncomfortable your living situation will be. Of course should your roommate be too much of a burden or just too impossible to live with, you always have the option of kicking them to the curb. Landlords To keep the apartments in tip top shape, each apartment building comes with a Landlord.

This sim will show up during the day and take care of any maintenance that needs to be done inside and outside the building. You can also phone the landlord up if something breaks and they'll come over to repair it which saves paying for a repairman.

Apartment Living

In addition, each week the landlord will throw a building party giving you a chance to socialize with those neighbors that your schedule perhaps does not allow you time to meet otherwise. Perhaps the most interesting addition to this expansion is the inclusion of magic. Now your sims can learn to become witches and warlocks. Doing so grants them the ability to learn and cast magical spells which bring another entire area of fun to the game.

The Sims 2

Much like werewolves and vampires from the other expansions, witches and warlocks will now show up in community lots where you can befriend them and eventually ask them to impart their mystical knowledge to you. Once your sim has been introduced to the mystical arts they will receive a cauldron and spell book with which to begin their magical activities. Magic works much like a job or hobby in that it has ten levels of experience to build up.

Experience is gained in a particular alignment of magic allowing your sim the use of good or evil spells.

Sims build up their magical skill through study and casting. Spells There are three sets of spells within Apartment Life and which ones your sims has access to will be dependant upon their magical alignment. Fortunately alignment is not set in stone and can be changed through a little work and study. Your sim will always be able to cast from the Neutral spell list, but then there are both Good and Evils spells which will be available to specifically aligned sims. The spells range from purely entertaining to providing social or meter specific benefits.

Neutral Spells Aqua Deletus - Eliminates puddles. Cleanius Corpus - Fully maximizes the caster's hygiene bar. Folium Deletus - Eliminates all piles of leaves. Corpus Athleticus - Changes the target's body type to Fit. Corpus Fleshicus - Changes the target's body type to Fat. Magivestigium - Teleports the caster around the current lot.

Creatum Nutrimens - Immediately conjures a serving platter of food. Expello Simae - Ejects a Sim from the lot. Appello Cattus Amicus - Summons a feline familiar for the caster. Purgomagus - Eliminates all current temporary magical effects, such as Expello Simae. Appello Simae - Summons a selectable Sim to the caster's location. Magus Mutatio - Grants the target the powers of magic. Tempus Interruptus - Initiates a time freeze for all non-magical Sims and pets. Good Spells Benemoodus Simae - Improves all the target's need bars aside from environment.

Creatum Insecto Volucris - Summons butterflies or fireflies. Exflammo - Extinguishes fires. Remedis Simae - Cures the target of illness. Beautificus Locus - Changes the weather to clear. Compello Acceptus - Makes the target happy. Appello Servantus - Summons a ghost to clean the lot. Benemoodus Populus - Improves all need bars aside from environment for all Sims on the lot. Mactoamicus - Forces the target and another Sim of your choosing to hug. Expello Mortis - Ejects the Grim Reaper from the lot.

Download The Sims 2 for Mac - latest version

However, as noted above, some of the add-on features for the Windows version were not made available for Mac. This patch fixes a number of issues with The Sims 2 Mac, including cursor glitches, language problems, crashes and colour issues; in addition, it improves frame rates. Looking for Windows version? Full paid version In English Version: Update Ref F 1. Read more stories. Don't leave without your download! The Sims 2 The Sims 2 update for Mac. Download and installation help. In this expansion pack, the new destination is composed of ten new lots In SimCity 4, you don't just build your city, you breathe life into it.

With god-like powers, you sculpt mountains, gouge riverbeds, and seed forests Introduces a new destination called "Vacation Island" where Sims can take vacations with family members or with other Sims. This marks the first time Centers on the new downtown area, which has various activities, such as bowling, karaoke, dining and dancing, as well as a photo booth, and includes a Create witches, werewolves, zombies, vampires updated , and fairies, each with their own magical abilities, traits, and interactions.

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The Sims 2: Apartment Life Windows, Mac game

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