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The built-in scheduled Reports give you an overview of the whole network. From now on you can use LOGalyze for free without any limitation. LOGalyze has become an open source log management tool and it is free for everyone, even commercial purposes. All you have to do is download LOGalyze for free and use it.

No server. No setup. Still featureful.

LOGalyze identifies the collected logs, classifies them by source host, severity, type, splits them into fields and stores for efficient analyzing. Analyzer engine of LOGalyze includes value added capability of analyzing log data. Offers multi-dimensional statistics and correlated event detection real-time. Unique integration with our AHR ticketing system provides straightforward incident management and review capabilities. LOGalyze includes predefined compliance reports and possibility of making custom reports based on parsed data.

With plug-in style Alert modules it notifies users or other systems when an event matching one or more specified criteria is generated. Online Demo Request Online demo. Customer Support Need help?

Mac System Log Viewer and Analyzer Tool

Plus, this tool has comfortable operations for Linux based users. Get Journalctl. Swatch is a simple log watcher that was designed to monitor system activity. Swatch can watch any type of logs for regular expression as per your configuration. Also, you can use the command line to run these tools on the background. This open-source log viewer tool is now called Swatchdog. Features of Swatch. In this article, we have tried to sort out some of the best Linux log viewer and log file management tools which ultimately helps you to choose the best one for your system.

I strongly suggest you install a few of them and justify the requirement for getting the best one. Is this article helpful? If so, please take a moment to share it on your social media.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Best Linux Log Viewer Tools 1. LOGalyze 2. Glogg 3. GoAccess 4. KSystemLog 5. Graylog 6. Frontail 7. Multitail 8.

The Best Free Web Log Analysis Tools

Logstash 9. Logwatch Logcheck Xlogmaster Lnav Nagios Journalctl Swatch Ending Thoughts. Mehedi Hasan. Works as SNMP trap collector. LOGalyze creates real-time multidimensional statistics on individual fields of the log.

5 useful open source log analysis tools |

Offers a web-based customizable user interface based on HTML. Get LOGalyze 2.

Glogg If you have long log files which are also quite complicated, then Glogg is the right choice for you to browse and search through it. Opens a second window while showing the result of the current search.

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Colorize specific log files and search results. Get Glogg 3. GoAccess When it comes to a weblog analyzer which operates in real-time, GoAccess is the perfect choice for you. This real-time analyzer can be updated on the terminal in every ms When it comes to HTML output it can be updated in one second.

Publisher's Description

The minimal configuration needed as everything is built-in. It can analyze the hits and visitors count. Bandwidth and metrics determination is also a plus point of this analyzer. It has multiple virtual hosts, so you can monitor which virtual host is consuming most of the server resources. Get GoAccess 4. Has tab view to display many logs at the same time. Reads one log mode from multiple resources.

Displays new log lines in bold. Has a group view so you can easily display logs considering log level, process, hours, etc. Gives every detail information for each log file. Get Ksystemlog 5. Features of Graylog Ksystemlog can ingest any structured data, including log message and network traffic.

Provides a fully customizable dashboard with numbers of a widget. Use standard Boolean search terms for selecting fields and data type. Send real-time alert notifications to admin in various ways like email, text, and Slack. Graylog usually contains sensitive and regulated data, so that the system itself remains accessible, secure and speedy. Has predefined templates to display data. Get Graylog 6. Frontail Frontail is node.

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Features of Frontail Frontail scrolls automatically to mark logs. Shows list of unread logs in favicon. Smooth user interface with Default and Dark themes. Highlights important log. Tail multiple files and standard input. Can search the logs and can set filter from the URL parameter. Get Frontail 7. Multitail Whether it is your log files or command output, you can observe both of them with Multitail.

Features of Multitail : Shows log more than one files in multiple windows. You can get online help for the particular context. The developer can merge and search multiple log file into one. Log files can be filtered with the assistance of one or a lot of regular expressions.